I am the sentimental storyteller who strives to understand the history of your love story, celebrates milestone memories, and helps gather families around their legacy.

I am not just the “girl with a camera.”

I’ve always enjoyed being behind the camera, even as a kid I was always coming up with “movie scripts” and having my family & friends act them out. From home movies, music videos, even school projects, you name it I filmed it.

It wasn’t until after filming a friend's wedding that I felt the honor of helping make this big life memory one they could relive over and over. I helped create an heirloom, and I still take that role seriously. Telling a story that is not my own is a privilege and a career I take pride in. 

We were one of those young midwest couples who dated young and were married right out of high school. He allows me to live life with a camera in hand. This has helped us capture much of our young love. Knowing my kids will see how we can laugh and tell jokes and continue to stick together through the tough times, helps me understand the importance of legacy. 

On top of being a wife, and running this business full time, I am also a mother. This has fueled my passion for preserving special moments as I am realizing how quickly time goes by. We can’t pause time, but taking time to look back gives you a sense of accomplishment and excitement for what is to come. 

Though I tell many stories outside of my own, I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking a look at my own narrative and my supportive husband, Nicolas.

That is what I want to be able to provide for others: a film full of clear memories.

The memories may fade, but our story will last forever.


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