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5 Reasons to Consider a First Look

If you are planning a wedding, chances are you have contemplated the idea of a first look. If you don’t know what a first look is, it’s a special time before the ceremony where the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time.

Although it goes against the traditional way of doing things, there are a lot of benefits to doing a first look.

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Uninterrupted Time Alone

The wedding day comes and goes SO fast, and this time can be so special since it is just the two of you. The rest of the day you are going to be surrounded by loved ones, and that is great, but this is the one time during the day you can get some time alone. It gives you a chance to soak in the moment and just get excited together!

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More Time For Portraits

Having a first look opens up a lot of time for your photographer and videographer. This allows you to get a good portion of your portraits done before the ceremony even begins, leaving more time to mingle and party with your guests!

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It Calms Your Nerves

The day of your wedding you will be feeling so many emotions, and you will probably feel a bit nervous. Having a first look with your spouse gives you the opportunity to get all those nerves out. Once you look them in the eyes and can have a moment alone, you will feel so much more relaxed going into the ceremony. 

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You Can Enjoy Cocktail Hour

Since most of your portraits will be finished before the ceremony, that leaves a lot more time afterward to mingle with guests and enjoy some downtime. (It also gives you some time to finish up any portraits if you end up running behind on time prior.)

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You Get To See Your Spouses Reaction Twice

As I mentioned earlier, you both will be feeling a little nervous before you see each other. Having a first look generally gets a more genuine reaction from your significant other. It’s a more relaxed environment and gives you a chance to say whatever you want to each other. 

From personal experience, you can get just as good of a reaction (if not better) from them the second time you see each other!

There are many reasons I think you should at least consider a first look for your wedding day, but remember, you are in control of your big day.  If YOU want to stick to tradition and do not want to have a first look, that’s okay too!

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