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5 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

So, you just got engaged! Now What?

After an exciting engagement and countless “congratulations” from friends and family, you are ready to start planning your wedding! Now you’re realizing, there are so many things you have to do. Where do you even start? Here are 5 things to do as soon as you get engaged!

-number one

Choose a date!

This may seem obvious, but you can’t move forward with any other important decisions without at least an idea of a wedding date.

-number two

Decide on a budget 

Even though it may be uncomfortable, talk to your fiance (& whoever is paying for the wedding) and decide what works best for you.

-number three

Choose a location 

The location (City & venue) is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your wedding. Consider the season, theme, and budget, and choose a location that works best for you and your fiance! (no matter anyone else’s opinion)

-number four

Create a Pinterest Board 

(If you haven’t already) – You will want to start brainstorming and deciding what style you two are going for! This will help you better organize your vision. You can also share it with those who are helping you with the planning.

-number five

Book The High Priority Vendors 

Lots of vendors book out a year in advance, if not more! To ensure you get your choice of vendors, start reaching out and seeing if your date is available and get some quotes! (Ex. Videographer, photographer, florist, hairstylist, etc!)

I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be right after you get engaged! I can assure you everything will come together in time. Create a checklist (or look one up online) and go from there. Break up the tasks by months/weeks so you can ensure everything gets done when the timing is right.

You have to start somewhere, so make a list and just work your way down it!

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