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How To Show Off Your Wedding Film

-hey newlyweds!

So you have this awesome wedding video, now how do you share it? Here are some ways to show it off to your friends and family!

Social Media

The easiest option, sharing it on your social media platforms for others to see/share! Check out this tutorial on how to share a video on Instagram.

QR Codes

There are so many ways you can use them for easy access to your wedding film! Here are some ideas: 

The back of your wedding photo album. Once you are done looking through all your pretty pictures, you can scan the code and watch your wedding film. 

Thank you cards for your guests. Add the code on the back of your card to share the special day with all those who helped you celebrate. 

Christmas cards. This is a perfect way to share your film with all your loved ones. I got this idea because every year my husband and I create a video recap of our year and add it to our Christmas card. We have always had so much positive feedback from that. 

Photo Frames

If you have a newer photo frame it may offer video capability! This is a great way to play through your wedding film or guests as they come and go. Similar to how you display a photo, video is a great way to level up your visual memories. 

Video Playbooks

Similar to a photo album, this gives you the ability to display your wedding film right on your coffee table! These books are a great way to show your “not so tech-savvy” family members your film in a way that they can physically hold it!

Check them out HERE.

Get creative with it! There are so many different options to show off your film. Host a movie night with your family or even share it on custom USBs!

Relive that special day over and over again with the ones who love and support you!

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