Creating Keepsakes

Why You Should Be Creating Visual Keepsakes.

Your camera roll holds so many precious memories. Videos and images from moments you hope to never forget. 

Except if you leave them there, you will.

Don’t let those files get stored in a folder on your device and eventually forgotten about.

I have created a FREE step-by-step guide on how to best preserve your memories.

In this guide, I cover how to back up your files, what to do with them, how to display them, and so much more!

as technology advances, it seems like the art of intentionally documenting family moments has become less of a priority.

Generations before would carry around bulky cameras and video cameras to document everyday life. Now we have cameras readily available in our pockets and we don’t think to use them to piece together our own home videos. Or you fill up your camera roll and continue to buy more cloud space, while never doing anything with those photos and videos.

-be intentional with those files.

Make a photo book, print your photos, and export your videos. Show them off and reminisce with your friends and family. Have a home movie night and smile, laugh, and cry together. 

As time goes by and you grow older, let those memories last forever. Pass them on from generation to generation and never forget.

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